Beechwood Black - Xl Super Strong To 500Lbs.

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Beechwood Black - Xl Super Strong To 500Lbs.

Black color beechwood Men's walking cane for the big & tall up to 7 ft and 500 lbs.

This extra large derby walking cane has an extra large handle and shaft it is much bigger in size than a standard size cane. This cane is for extra tall and big people up to 7' tall or up to 500lbs! It is varnished with a rich black lacquer that wonderfully displays the perfectly smooth texture of the shaft and handle of this walking cane. Each cane is sanded to a smooth, flawless finish, which will maximize the comfort of this cane. The comfortable derby handle has a perfect arch and will center the user’s weight directly over the shaft. The polished genuine solid brass collar adds a more sophisticated look to the already stunning walking cane.