Chrome Lion Handle Walking Cane With Wenge Wood Shaft

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Chrome Lion Handle Walking Cane With Wenge Wood Shaft

Lion's Pride! An exquisite walking cane with a chrome lion as the handle.

This stylish chrome plated majestic lion is a gorgeous hand crafted design. The back of the lion makes a very comfortable rounded handle. This cane is unusual because most animal handle canes do not have a wide hand grip that is this comfortable. The face and mane of the lion is carefully carved to make a more regal feature for the front of your cane. The magnificent lion rests on top of a dark wenge wood shaft. The rich look and smooth finish of the wenge wood shaft add to the overall beauty of this cane. This is a practical, functional walking cane that is made for elegant and everyday use. This cane is definitely one that can be added to any elegant walking cane collection. Walk in pride just like a lion does when using this chrome plated lion walking cane. 

This cane will support up to 250 lbs.