Chrome Plated Slim Line Fritz Walking Cane With Folding, Adjustable Black Aluminum Shaft

(You save $15.00 )

Perfect for travel, to keep in your car, briefcase or handbag, this folding cane from the Royal Canes Company makes a convenient, stylish, and sturdy addition to any collection. This cane is great for any environment, whether you are walking into work, going for a stroll, or need it for a formal event. With its beautiful chrome-plated fritz-style handle, it will resist tarnishing and provide years of comfortable support. The sophisticated look does not end at the handle, the black aluminum shaft is an elegant and sophisticated piece as well. Plus, it conveniently collapses, folding into four sections, and it features an adjustable height mechanism that allows you to reduce its size for storage and lengthen it again when you need to use it. Order this piece today and get the utmost in comfortable, stylish, convenient support. These canes will adjust from 32 inches to 36 inches.