Ebony Wood Cane With Pewter Collar

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Ebony Wood Cane With Pewter Collar

Premium Ebony Wood walking cane with pewter collar. Free standard Shipping.The rich Ebony wood used to make this walking cane is known as one of the most beautiful woods available in the world! The two-tone wood grain is clearly defined throughout the cane. This type of high quality ebony wood is the most sought after of all ebony woods because of the beautiful brown and black streaking evenly througout the wood. It is a rarity to find a walking cane made out this high grade of exotic wood. 

Ebony is well known for its beautiful grain, outstanding strength and durability. The collar of this walking cane was hand designed by a jewelry maker and is the prefect complement for this elegant cane. This gorgeous collar is made from pewter that is carved into delicate flowers and foliage, and then set by two single bands on either side of the carved center ring. This walking cane is a cane that will be passed on for generations. Any person that walks with this cane will feel very proud to walk in stride with such a gorgeous walking cane!

This cane will support up to 250 lbs and weighs 1.25 lbs.