Fritz Walking Cane w/ Genuine Snakewood Handle & Wenge Shaft w/ Silver Collar

Fritz Walking Cane with Genuine Snakewood Handle & Wenge Shaft with Silver Collar

Expected release date is 4th Oct 2018

Known for its strength and unique pattern, snakewood has become a highly sought after and prized wood. Taken from the heartwood of small trees in South America, it is a very rare and protected hardwood. While not endangered or threatened, the rarity of this wood and the difficulty to harvest it has made this wood highly regulated to ensure its longevity. Only small amounts are allowed to be harvested at a time. We here at Fashionable Canes have brought this beautiful and strong wood to you to add to your collection. The snakeskin pattern and deep, rich color will catch the eye of many admirers and the strength a durability of the wood will ensure that this is a cane that will last for generations. We have a limited supply so snatch this one up before they are all gone. This cane is approximately 37.5" long.