Lily of the Valley Carbon Fiber Cane for Ladies

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This cane is simply stunning with its eye-catching style featuring a beautiful design that cascades from the handle down onto both sides of the shaft. The soft white floral scrollwork is a stark contrast to the black carbon fiber of the cane. You are sure to love the elegant, yet modern colors on this cane. With a such dynamic look, this piece is perfect for a formal occasion, or even a casual stroll. Boasting the latest in construction technology, this cane is made of triple-wound carbon fiber, the same high-tech material that is used in the construction of high-performance automobiles, airplanes and high-impact sports equipment. Amazingly lightweight, this cane is among the most durable on the market; order yours today for a stylish look that will last for years to come. 


If left uncut, this cane is 36.5" in length.