Mahogany Maple Ergonomic Walking Cane w/ Folding, Adjustable Black Aluminum Shaft and Silver Collar

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Mahogany ergonomic handle folding adjustable walking cane.

Ergonomic Folding Adjustable Walking Cane with Mahogany-Finished Maple Handle. The anatomical design of these ingenious walking cane handles are contoured to perfectly fit either the right or left hand of the user, making a strong, sturdy, ergonomic walking cane that is easy to grasp and will make an excellent addition to any wardrobe. One of the first of its kind, this walking cane handle is smoothly sanded to make a contoured grip that is specially designed to fit either a right- or left-handed grip. The smooth maple material of the handle features a rich, mahogany stain that brings out the beauty of the wood, and a black aluminum shaft with a brass-finished collar complete the stylish, sophisticated appeal of this cane. For added convenience, it folds into four sections for easy storage and features an adjustable height mechanism that allows it to expand from a total of 33.5" to 37" long. Order your anatomical walking cane today!