Sterling Silver Petite Embossed Fritz Handle Walking Cane With Black Shaft

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Ladies Sterling Silver Embossed Fritz Handle Walking Cane with Black Beechwood Shaft and Collar.
Well suited for ladies and smaller hands, this petite sized handle is Sterling Silver plated. The A lightly floral and rope detail embossment make this change catch light wonderfully for a beautiful gleaming handle. The shaft is solid Beechwood with a shiny black lacquerer making this cane a great everyday cane as well as perfect for more formal events. This cane is stamped with the hallmark R925, which means they are guaranteed to be made with genuine Sterling Silver. The R standing for Rivestito, the Italian for covered. The sterling silver is covered over a molded handle. This stamp guarantees the purity of the silver. The 925 states that they are made with 92.5% pure silver. These canes are not ??silver plated?? which is the EPNS (electro-plated nickel silver), they are made with genuine sterling silver.