Tourist Lucite With Crystal Ridges

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Tourist Lucite With Crystal Ridges

Clear lucite tourist handle crystal walking cane.

Clear Lucite walking cane with style and pizzazz!

This cane looks even better in person. This cane has a crystal cut appearance that makes it look like wet ice. It has a comfortable on the hand spiral like design through the entire handle and shaft of the cane. This is definitely the 'newest' style available and has already become a big hit with people that have found out about this new item! The elegant appearance of this, J shaped handled, walking cane is magnified because the cane appears to look like diamond cut glass. This cane is safe to walk with everyday and will be sure to get many compliments. It is made by injection molding not by heating up the lucite and twisting it like some other products on the internet. When lucite is heated and twisted it weakens the lucite and makes it weak and brittle.