How to Measure a Walking Cane


How to measure a walking cane


When a cane is to be used as a mobility aid, we recommend that the purchaser be advised to have the cane properly sized by a health care professional. If the user does not have a therapist and wishes to size it on their own, please see the following: 


  1. Remove the rubber tip from the cane. If it is tight... a squirt of WD-40 works wonders; twist the tip off rather than pulling. 
  2. It takes two people to "fit" a cane. The cane user should be wearing their usual walking shoes and standing as naturally upright as possible. Their arms should hang at their side with a normal bend at the elbow. 
  3. The second person places the cane with the handle on the ground on the side the person will be using the cane. The shaft is marked where it touches the middle crease of the user's wrist. The cane should then be cut using a sharp saw and mitre box for an even cut.
  4. Reattach rubber tip.



As a courtesy to our customers we trim/cut canes FREE of charge. Please allow one extra day for cane sizing. Please e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-440-1954 if you have any questions.


Canes cut wrong due to measuring incorrectly or any other reason may not be returned.