Authentic Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh Stick 16"-18"

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An Irish tradition, the Shillelagh dates back thousands of years. Irishman would use the dense wood of the Blackthorn bush to create a weapon that could be used to handle disputes and also to ward off any unwelcomed guests while tending their herds. Our Shillelaghs are made of only authentic Blackthorn, harvested and finish in Ireland. Just as the Irish have done for years, these one of a kind walking sticks have been coated in a protective shiny black sealant that resembles the lime slack finish that was often applied and left to cure for months. Since these weapon sticks come straight from the Blackthorn bush each one will be unique in shape and size ranging from 19 to 21 inches in length. The Shillelagh was found to be an effective weapon stick thanks to the hearty, weighted mallet on one end and a slightly pointed tip on the other end perfect for self-defense. Stamped with a green shamrock, this item makes the perfect gift or collector item as well as a great conversation piece.

*This is a natural product. Keep in mind when ordering that the, length, knob size, and shape may vary drastically from product to product. No returns on this item.

Perfect for Self Defense
Authentic blackthorn wood
Green Shamrock Stamp